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headoverheels 2:06 AM
Friday, May 7, 2010
2 down, 2 more to go!

Corp. finance was pretty manageable considering that I only started studying it from scratch about 2 weeks before my paper, including borrowing the relevent textbook just 1.5weeks before the actual paper. HA! I literally PUKED everything that I've studied and memorised. Macro was a huge disappointment! I was so demoralized after the paper please! Seriously just a pass for macro would have sufficed.

I can't wait. It's just 2.5weeks till the end of my exams! I WILL BE A FREE BIRD ON 25TH MAY ONWARDS WHOOOO! PARTY PARTY PARY!!! :D
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headoverheels 11:51 PM
Sunday, April 11, 2010
Ohman I had sucha tiresome weekend. Attended my Grandpa's birthday dinner on saturday and Ryan came with me! :) My parents and grandma actually invited him to come haha. And after that I had to rush off to Fel's 21st party at Downtown East. I reached there at about 11pm and then I had to rushhh off again to the boyf's house at cck!

Okay it was purely my idea. Well because my poor boy still has some work to do before leaving for Shanghai and he hasn't packed his luggage yet! So being the good girlfriend that I've always been, I bothered to take a cab down to his house and help him with the packing and stuffs. :) But ohwell at least we got to spend some quality time together before he left for Shanghai this morning. And his flight has to be at friggin' 8am on a sunday morning! Yeah so we took a cab to airport at about 6am. Hohoho we didn't sleep at all for the whole night before we left for the airport. So I sent him off and head straight back home to sleeeeeeeeeeep! Shall let the pics do the talking. :)

Grandpa's birthday dinner.

Fel's 21st party!

And the card I made for Ryan before he left for Shanghai :)

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headoverheels 11:53 PM
Monday, March 29, 2010
Just spoke to the boyf a few minutes ago. Sigh, he sounded SO TIRED! Every monday is like hell for him because he has to work from morning to evening and still has to attend class from 6.45pm to 10.15pm. 3.5hrs of lecture is seriously no joke man! And sigh he really sounded so so so tired just now. My heart ached.

Sometimes I really take my hat off to the boyf! He can actually tolerate one whole hectic day at work with just 3-4 hours of sleep the night before. I mean yes perhaps I could still keep myself awake at work with just 3-4hrs of sleep but I don't think my brain will be functioning well enough to even do my work properly! And to think that he has to stare at all the Balance Sheet, Income statements etc etc whole day long. That's why I said I'M SO UBER PROUD OF HIM when his seniors and managers are like praising him regarding his job performance at work! I have sucha smart and capable boyfriend, don't I? :)

I love him, I love him, yes I do, so very much. He came into my life unexpectedly, and never did I imagine that we'd even be together when I first saw him in office on my very first day of work 2 years ago. My friends (those who know him too) were shocked. Perhaps, just perhaps, they might have gossiped among one another and tried to guess if we could even last. I'm so glad, so very contented that we've come thus far and still going strong. We've done so many things together, the ups&downs we had, but I'm proud to say that we're still standing strong as one, has a joint bank account, and have plans to go overseas together again sometime this year etc etc. He's the only guy whom can make me feel so much at ease when I'm with him, he's the only one whom can make me be the REAL me when I'm with him. And fyi, we just crapped on the phone for 1hr8min from 3am-4am yesterday! It was like 95% of the call duration was nonsensical stuffs but at least I made him laugh! See, this is what I meant by WE CAN REALLY CLICK VERY WELL! Be it nonsense or serious matters, there's just an infinite amount of things we can talk and crap about. Hehhh. :D

I don't care if you readers think that this is some kind of PDA on my blog but let me say this again (friends, just tolerate with me okay cos there will be many more to come in my entries in the future.)

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headoverheels 12:35 AM
Thursday, March 25, 2010
My poor poor dearest boy Ryan. Just chatted on the phone for a few minutes just now and guess what, he just left office about an hour ago! Well he just started on a new job auditing for a company in Bugis area. Thank goodness he had a light dinner before heading back to his own office at Raffles Place to finish off the rest of his work. My. Heart. Ached. :( And he said next week might be an even busier week for him because one of his colleagues who is on the current job with him is going back Auckland, so there goes his workload piling up like a mountain. :( MY HEART IS ACHING. :'(

BUT... something to cheer me up here and probably him too! :D A piece of good news which he told me yesterday. I'm glad his performace at work has been good and his managers are kinda satisfied with him. Well you see, the staffs have to be assessed by their seniors/managers after every job so they are actually given a "report card" kind of thing after that. I'm glad he did well! I'M SO PROUD OF MY SMARTYASS BOYFRIEND!!! Geeeeez. :D

I'm missing you, silly.

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headoverheels 1:02 PM
Monday, March 22, 2010
Roy's 24th birthday at LeLe Pot with Manping, Louis and Jiali on 18.03.10! One of the best steamboats I've ever ever tried, and the mantou topped with milk is freaking awesome!

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headoverheels 1:52 AM
Thursday, March 18, 2010
The books and notes are irritating the hell out of me! Like seriously I hope I could have more telepathy with them so that I could understand every single shit better. And the renovation works from don't know which dumb neighbour is freaking irksome! Okay so every single trivial thing is pissing me off now.. Thanks to exams eh.

Urgh can't wait for exams to end on 25th May! Oh and did I mention that the boyf is going Shanghai to audit for a firm there sometime in mid April?! Omg this sucks man, I know it's just one week but Shanghai sounds so freaking far to me! Urgh. :( :( :(


Okay enough of all the rantings. I know I have to do it still. :)
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headoverheels 4:56 PM
Monday, March 15, 2010

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